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Camp North Star

a Summer Camp in Poland Spring, ME

Camp North Star is more than just a place; it’s a feeling…Ask any of our campers or families what that feeling is and they would smile and say, ‘Camp North Star is My Home.’ With Camp North Star’s attention to each child’s individuality reflected in our community, our program and our staff it’s no surprise they feel at home with us.

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  • June 28, 2015




    Until Session 1 - June 28, 2015

News + Announcements

  • Unique Classes

    By Beth Lester One of the aspects of camp that we at North Star focus on is that there are parts of camp that are unknown to the outside world. There are experiences at camp that one...

  • A Bittersweet Out with the Old, In with the New

    By Todd Mitchell In staff training, you are prepared that the kids in your cabin will become more than just campers to you, they will become family. I didn’t really consider how...

More News & Announcements
  • wright
    Jess W., Campers aged 15 and 13

    “The staff continuously ensures that every camper fits in and is accepted in and outside of the cabin. When we picked him up, the first thing he said was, “I want to come back next year!” I was in tears…”

  • poresky-family
    Sue P., Campers aged 13 and 10

    ‘Sue took really good care of him. I knew that the camp was doing everything in their hearts to help Josh overcome his homesickness and he did!’

  • tart-family
    Stacey T., Campers aged 14 and 12

    ‘Everyone’s unique personality clearly contributed and was a big part of the camp family.’

  • santos-family
    Jay S., Camper aged 14

    “By the time we drove up to CNS that very first drop-off day our daughter couldn’t have been more excited and my wife and I were sure we made the right choice…..When we picked up our daughter two weeks later we soon realized she had the time of her life. (A word of warning here… she didn’t stop talking about camp for the entire ride home.)”

  • arnason-family
    Elsa A., Campers aged 13 and 10

    “…When I picked my son up from camp the first year; I have never seen him happier! When he speaks of CNS and now recently with talking to our daughter about camp, joy is one of the first words that come to my mind!”