How we Program

At Camp North Star our philosophy is reflected in everything we do. Our interest in each individual camper and family allows us to take the time and help camper’s  design their activity schedule every week. Campers work with our program staff to choose five classes based on their interests to give them a well rounded schedule for that week. Campers will then choose five new classes for each new week they are at camp.

2018 Activities Guide

Browse through our Activities Guide to see the variety of our most popular classes. Click on the icon below and you’ll be sure to find plenty of choices in Arts, Athletics, Outdoors and Waterfront.



Tennis at Camp North Star Maine

Baseball/Softball   Beach Volleyball
Basketball                 Soccer
Soccer                        Golf
Field Hockey            Frisbee
Tennis                         Martial Arts
Archery                      Fitness
Cricket                        Rugby
Flag Football            Street Hockey


Water Sports

Water Skiing at Camp North Star MaineWater Skiing
Wind Surfing
Water Polo
Aqua Fitness
Swim Lessons

Banana Boat Rides
Water Trampoline


Creative and Visual Arts

ceramics and pottery at camp north starPottery Studio
Ceramic Studio
Fabric Arts
Jewelry Making
Painting and Drawing Studio
Camp Crafts
Stained Glass
Culinary Arts
Digital Photography

Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Camp North Star MaineGuitar
Song Writing
Hand Drums
Theater Production
Set Design
Tech Department
Yoga Studio
Dance Studio
Recording Studio

Ropes Course at Camp North Star MaineAdventure

Rock Climbing
Low Ropes Course
High Ropes Course
Team Building
Outdoor Living Skills (OLS)
Campfire Cooking
Mountain Biking

Horseback Riding at Camp North Star MaineSpecialty Programs

Equestrian Center
ESL (English as a Second Language)
Community Service
Leadership Training


Goal oriented

At Camp North Star, we recognize the uniqueness of each child who comes to camp.  In fact, nearly everything we do at Camp North Star is built on that very rule; individual attention to each camper and family, whenever possible.  We feel that setting goals for our campers is no exception to that rule.  In order for our campers to be successful at camp and in life, we have adopted the 21st Century Skills Initiative as part of our camp philosophy and program.  The 21st Century Skills that we focus on at Camp North Star are: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity.  The “4 C’s” have been identified as part of the essential skills young people need to be successful in the workforce and in community living.  We use these skills as the framework in designing and setting goals with each of our campers and their families.  We do this by first, requiring each family to complete camp’s “Camper Goals for this Summer” form prior to arriving to camp.  This enables the camp staff to design a plan for each camper that will best support their efforts in working towards their individual goals.  Goals are worked on through the natural camp setting and environment while being tracked and supported by the camp staff.  This format has proven to turn goals into successful outcomes that will bring our campers success in their individual lives, today as well as in the future.

Camp North Star Maine daily schedule


Camp North Star seems to be entirely about choice. Do I get to choose my activities?
YES! We believe that every camper should be comfortable at camp and that means trying new things to their personal comfort level. Our program staff sits with each camper and designs the schedule that best fits them with the only limitations coming from equipment.

What if I don’t like one of my activities? Is it too late to change?
Again, we work to ensure comfort for each camper and if an activity turns out not to be to their liking there are opportunities to switch. Just find a director!

Do I need to bring any special equipment to camp?
Only if you want to as our program areas are stocked with the proper equipment. However, we do have campers who bring their own instruments, baseball gloves, tennis racquets, juggling balls, etc. If you would like to bring something to camp that’s special to you go for it!

Are there any activities that cost more?
Only two: golf and horseback. We are fortunate to partner with Poland Spring Golf Course to provide PGA instruction for our campers.  We also work with Wilsonbrook Farm to offer campers experienced equestrian instructors along with an indoor riding arena and over 100 acres of riding trails.  Therefore, our golf and horseback program have additional fees for these high level of instruction and first class facilities.

Is anything mandatory?
Camper’s choose their five activity periods for the five day rotation and those activities are entirely their choice. We do offer guidance and encouragement with each camper in choosing their activities to meet their goals, but there are no required activities that they must take.

Parent’s are able to require their child to take certain activities while at camp. You will find a form in the pre-camp mailing (comes out in the spring) offering you, the parents, the chance to let us know if you want your child to partake in any specific activities such as swim instruction, ESL instruction, etc.