Bunk Life at Camp


The heart of the campers experience at North Star is the family they will be a part of in the cabin. Living in close quarters subtly encourages campers to open up and share stories, and to befriend others their own age. The cabins share two meals a day together (breakfast and dinner), sit together at camp meeting, and become the people you count on to make you smile when your sad or laugh with you when you’re happy. In the end, your cabin mates and friends become your lifelong extended family.


Will I be with my cabin all day long?
No. While your cabin is a very important piece of camp life we do also promote meeting others throughout camp. This is reflected in the many ways we run programs. Your choice based activities will include others throughout camp and your evening programs will often take place with other cabins as well.

How many campers are in a cabin?
Typically, there are  8-10 campers in our cabins. However, the numbers can vary depending on the  age group of the cabin.  The youngest cabins may have less campers because they need more individualized attention.

Do I have to make my bed and cleanup my space?
Yes! Each cabin tries their best to win the  ‘The Golden Dust Pan’ that is awarded to the cleanest cabin of the week.  It is important to keep your things tidy at camp not only for presentation, but to make sure you can find everything and it keeps the cabin clutter free.

I want to go for four weeks, do I need clothing for the whole time?
No. We have a laundry service that runs each week for our campers and staff. (fees apply)

Will there be other new kids in my cabin?
Yes!  We welcome new campers of all ages each session.  Our Camper-to-Camper Program also gives all new campers the opportunity to talk to a returning campers of the same age and gender a few weeks before arrival day.