First Time Campers

Making friends at Camp North Star

At Camp North Star we understand what it means to be a first time camper. Everyone here has been a camper for the first time and understands the nerves and fears that can come with this new experience. This is why we take additional measures to ensure first time campers feel comfortable before they even leave home.

Our Camper-to-Camper Program which connects first time families and returning families, allows each camper to know someone when they get to camp. Our Bus Buddy Program allows those traveling by bus to have a person to sit next to and talk with while on the ride to camp.

Counselors and Directors communicate throughout each day at camp and are able to take appropriate measures to support just about anything that may come up.  Our program is designed with flexibility in mind and allows us to make necessary adjustments to best suit a camper’s experience at camp. Our small size also allows us to get to know each camper on an individual basis and to better understand each unique situation campers may find themselves in. Below are several of the tools we have created over the years to help our first time campers:

Camper-to-Camper Program

Veteran campers who are excited to share their North Star experience call our first time campers by phone a few weeks before the camp season begins.  This gives new campers the chance to understand more about our camp on a peer-to-peer level and allows them to connect a face with a name on arrival day.

More About the Camper to Camper Program

The First 48

Every camper is different and every camper may have different reactions about coming to camp for the first time. Within the first 48 hours the Boys and/or Girls Director will contact you and let you know how your child is doing at camp and to share the activities they are taking and to answer any questions you may have. We do our best to ensure that not just the camper is comfortable, but the entire family as well.