Camper Council

Every camper at North Star was a first time camper, and so who better to talk about the experience of being a first time camper then our current campers themselves. Below you will find short profiles of campers that will be attending Camp North Star for the 2016 season. Each of them would be more than happy to talk with you about camp and their experience! As we get closer to camp we will also be setting our new campers up to speak to someone that will be in their age group and gender to know someone before they come to camp!

Meet Our Campers

Tristan and Eli


15 Years Old – 6 Summers
We found each other at Camp North Star a few years ago and have been best friends ever since. Your camp friends are forever friends and it couldn’t be more true for both of us. Every year we come to North Star is a new adventure and a new beginning with our best friends.

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Lizzie Q.


13 Years Old – 6 Summers
I was 8 my first summer and I didn’t know a single camper. Within a day I had a best friend, and within two weeks I had about 15 best friends. I felt at home quickly, and now around September I start counting the days until I can go back to CNS. My first counselor, Grainne, rode the bus to camp with myself and other campers to make not only me, but everyone else feel comfortable! Both she and my other counselor, Miranda, were always so upbeat and helpful whenever I was feeling down!

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Darcey B.


14 Years Old – 6 Summers
I love camp because I have made so many new friends here who are so nice and funny. With this kind of community I’ve been able to feel completely myself. I’ve also been able to try lots of new activities such as waterskiing, which I would not been able to do at home.

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Zach B.


16 Years Old – 6 Summers
Camp North Star is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. My truest friends and my truest family all come from my second home, camp. Jamie, Chris B, Paul, and Logan (my past counselors) always made me feel welcome, happy, and always in the mood to try new stuff. Words really can’t describe what I feel for camp!

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Eva O.


15 Years Old – 5 Summers
Camp North Star is very special to me because they make sure you are included, safe and having fun.  I look forward to camp all year because of the caring and loving people. Everyone fits in and my experience is filled with fun, running from class to class. The counselors are amazing! Cailley was my counselor my second summer and is now like a big sister to me. She’s always there to give a hug or laugh or talk to about anything. She’s kind, caring and has been a such a positive influence on my life.

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Oliver H.


16 Years Old – 6 Summers
Every time I drive through the gates of 200 Verrill Road I breath a sign of relief…I made it! Camp takes away all the stress of school and extracurriculars and allows me to be myself. I have seen my relationship with my siblings grow each year that I am here becasue we share the common love for such a special place. I love being able to choose activities that fit my comfort level and ability every day. I wish everyone could experience this home away from home like I have.

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