Health Care at Camp


Camp North Star’s Health Center is in the center of camp and has a warm and inviting feel for all of our campers. Our medical staff is on site and available 24 hours a day. Our registered nurses manage all the campers’ medical needs of our campers.  The health center includes an examination room, male and female dorm rooms, and living quarters for all of our medical staff.  The health center is air conditioned for the comfort of our campers.

Parents are notified by a member of the medical staff if their child has been in the health center overnight, their child has been placed on prescription medicine, or their child has been taken to an out-of-camp doctor, emergency room or hospital.  You can rest assured that our nurses will keep you informed regarding the health of your child.

Camp North Star’s medical staff is supported by the camp’s pediatrician who is on-call and available throughout the entire camp season. Our doctor’s full medical office is less than 2 miles from camp. Central Maine Medical Hospital is just a short 12 mile drive in neighboring Lewiston.


Can my child have medication at camp?
Yes. All medication (other than emergency medications; epi-pen and inhalers) are required by state law to be stored in the Health Center at all times. We keep all medications under lock and key until it is dispensed to the camper.

My child takes a controlled substance, is that ok?
Yes. Our medical staff is trained on the proper handling and care of such medications as outlined in Federal and State law.

How will I know that my child is taking their medications?
All doses, times and medications are meticulously tracked by our medical staff to ensure exactness and proper dosage at all times.

How will I know if my child gets injured?
For any and all Health Center visits requiring more than a band-aid or a sip of water our medical staff immediately calls home to ensure proper communication between medical staff, parents and children. This ensures the best course of action as well as peace of mind for each child knowing that their parents are also involved.

What if my child goes to the hospital, how will I know and what should I do?
Our medical staff come from medical backgrounds in nursing at all levels and are trained to take every precaution when seeing children. We will transport and advocate for your child every step of the way and include you in every step of medical treatment. In the event of an emergency we have standing protocols that jump into action to ensure the utmost safety and well being of those involved.