Trips & Special Events

Trips and Whitewater Rafting at Camp North Star Maine

Camp North Star is situated in beautiful Poland Spring, Maine, surrounded by many beautiful and natural landscapes that we get to share and enjoy with our campers. Trips are offered every session and happen on the days we are not on our normal activity schedule. Trip days are a time to relax and enjoy time with friends and bunkmates. Some of our most popular trips include whitewater rafting, a day at beach along with Atlantic Ocean, hiking on mountain ranges and Portland Sea Dogs baseball games.  Our trips allow campers to opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Maine and popular tourist destinations.


Do I get to choose the trip I want to go on?
We encourage choice in all aspects at camp and that includes trips! Each cabin has the opportunity to elect the trip out of several choices that they would like to go on.

What if I’m uncomfortable doing the trip my cabin elected?
At camp our community demands accommodation for all campers and as such we ensure that every camper is as comfortable as possible while here. Every camper deserves to be comfortable while at camp and we take into account every campers needs while planning our trips.

Does it cost anything extra to go on trips?
100% No! We firmly believe that campers should not have to bring extra cash nor should parents have to spend extra to have our baseline camp experience. The only extras that we have at camp are our horseback and golf programs.

Is there anything else that I should know about the trips program?
Our goal is to provide the best camping experience possible and so we are constantly looking for new opportunities for trips in Maine. Each of our trips are staffed by our own counselors, a trip leader and professional staff when necessary. Trip information can be requested in the spring as we confirm our trips for the summer!