alumni 2

Camp North Star has a very active alumni base around the world! If you or your family would like to receive updates about camp every year and maintain the connections that you formed at camp we invite you to become a part of our alumni program. As part of your alumni account you can stay connected to Camp in a way that allows communication across all platforms!

Want to stay connected in other ways? Visit our camp alumni Facebook page!

We love to hear what you are doing out in the world so please send us updates as often as you like! We can include your updates in our newsletters out to families.

Know someone that could use camp? Let us know and we will do the rest! You know how special camp has been to you over the years, why not share that experience with someone else. We promise to show the same care and attention that we gave you in your time at camp.

Thank you for your continued support of a program that you know and trust. We are so appreciative of the love and care that you all have shown throughout your time at camp and beyond!

– Steven and Brooke Bernstein, Camp North Star Owners/Director