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  • Days on the road

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    [wpvideo z9CYInmT]Having arrived in the States about a month ago today it felt apt to write a short blog about the time on the road so far representing CNS on the camp fair circuit.  Well Jay and I have been to Mass twice together and I have come back from a long weekend up there this past weekend myself and it’s been great.  We both have really enjoyed spreading the word of CNS to the families we meet at the fairs, we have also loved catching up with Connor Melvin, Bailey O’Neal & Liana Resnikoff at the fairs and have a had a great time trading snow day stories.

    The best part of being on the road (apart from Jay’s heated seats in this weather) is that we have been amazed at the reaction of the parents we meet.  Time after time we have heard “Ohh you’re North Star, we have a friend who goes there and loves it.” or We’ve heard so many good things about you.” Which for us really re-enforces all the hard work that goes into the fairs, the work in the off-season and of course the dedication of all the staff throughout the summer.

    In the office, we are knee-deep in staff applications and picking our way through them trying to find the crème de la crème and the diamonds in the making.  We have had over 100 new applications to work at camp this summer which tells us 2 things;- we must have a good website and camping has never been more popular.  As young adults, college kids are really seeing the benefits of spending a summer in Maine working and playing with campers, it’s a great growth opportunity for them and also when you see the growth in the campers you live with for weeks on end.

    And with this it’s goodbye, off to do some more interviews, we hope to see you this summer or at least at one of our upcoming camp fairs!  Come by and say hello!



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