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  • Counselor Spotlight Take 2

    Posted March 24, 2011 by

    Counselor spotlight, spotlight on a counselor woo ooo wooo oooo….

    Hey, it’s Emma here (Watson that is) … After camp 2010 I headed over to Australia, to avoid winter for another year. WOO!! I have spent the majority of my time since, simply surviving extreme weather conditions. In this past month alone, there has been the longest heat wave on record, where it averaged 110 plus every day for 2 weeks, while at the same time there has been the biggest flood, and strongest cyclones in Australian record, and extreme bush fires.

    I have been living right by the beach in a place called freshwater. It’s the beach town where surfing was first introduced to Australia, so to fit in with the locals i have been surfing most days and gradually getting better.

    I have been working at a child care centre running after 3 year olds all day, but in next few weeks i am hoping to start work at a school for disadvantaged aboriginal children which will be great experience, and an eye opener.

    Before heading back to camp, i am leaving Sydney and spending a month road tripping up the Australian east coast to hopefully find Nemo at the great barrier reef, wrestle a couple of Crocodiles, and try fit in the odd bungee jump and sky dive, you know…the usual! 🙂


    See you all in the Summer!

    Love, Emma.

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    Counselor Spotlight, Spotlight on a Counselor!!


    This weeks Counselor is Kelley Shine.


    Hello hello!!

    What’s been going on with me… well I am currently just trying to be a good student, braving the blizzards that seem to hit us every single day to get to all my classes…. On Tuesdays and Thursday I go from 8am to 8pm! it’s tiring, to say the least, not to mention i think my butt is permanantly bruised from how many times i’ve slipped and fallen. However, one of my classes is a 3 hour DRAWING class, so now I might be able to actually prove that yes, I can do more than make friendship bracelets. I am becoming extremely gifted at drawing fruit, vases, and dead branches. so THERE. i am secretary of the advertising club on campus and i must say i felt a little like a camp counselor at our first meeting (in a minute.. not yet.. we are going to break into groups) and really had to fight the urge to sing our announcements song when the president dared to speak that word!
    i also have the thrilling job of processing packages delivered to campus… i’m developing quite the upper body strength lifting boxes for 4 hours a day 3 days a week so Dogzy should watch out.
    thats really it, probably not worthy of winning a prize from paddy but then again he is probably just bitter i never made him a cup of tea.
    miss everyone!!!
    Very good Kelley, now go get me a cup of tea.

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