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    Hi all, it is Stella, writing to you from the warm (but rainy) city of Rouen, France. I’ve been living in France since camp ended, studying french history at a university in Northern France. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming living and going to school in a different culture and language, but it gets better and better every day! Thankfully I’m living in an area famous for its dairy products which has meant a NEVERending amount of cheese (there are over 600 kinds in France). I also live with a host family here, an experience which has been helping me to learn a lot about French culture! My host family happens to love beekeeping, so I’ve been learning about how to become a beekeeper myself. Future profession if French doesn’t work out?
    Other than living in France, I recently traveled to Africa with my university and lived with a Senegalese family for a bit. This experience really opened my eyes to a new culture and value system, but also a lot of problems faced by this developing country. Now, back in France, I have the opportunity to work at a food shelf/soup kitchen that gives food to many African immigrants living in the innercity of Rouen. I’m so glad that I have this chance to meet, talk to, and help out all kinds of people, each with their own story!
    Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great year, I can’t wait see everyone back at camp 🙂
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