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  • 2012 and 150 years of camping

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    This will be the first blog of the 2012 season that goes up and what better way to start it than to reflect on what a great summer 2011 was.  Yes, it’s true, we had a great summer.  We have read through all of the surveys and we are delighted with all the responses that we got.  We know that North Star isn’t perfect, even though so many of you tell us it is.  It is a work in progress and always will be.  We know that the programs will always need to grow and develop just like your campers will during their time at camp.  We will need to bring in new classes, as well as retire some (or at least give them a break every now that then), but the development of every camp aspect is something that we are totally committed.  On a side note camping in the States hit a mile stone this week in that it is now celebrating its 150th year.  It was recognised in Congress today by Congresswoman Pingree from Maine, speaking in the Capitol Building she would say.

    “Camps in Maine and throughout the nation reflect a unique American attitude towards the outdoors and towards the value of natural settings in the education of our youth. Camps are special places where kids get a chance to re-create themselves, develop independence, be physically active, and learn new skills outside of the traditional school setting. And, through exposure to new experiences, friendships with kids from other states and around the globe, campers gain perspectives on their own lives that augment their education during the school year. Camps are also a place to build lasting friendships — a home away from home where the camp community becomes a second family. In a fast changing world, summer camps continue to be a mainstay of American society — providing youth a time for quiet reflection away from the pace of day-to-day modernity. As millions of summer campers head back to start another year of school, let’s remember the valuable role that summer camps play in the year-round education of children.”

    It’s great to be recognised on such a national level, and although she might not be talking about Camp North Star in little old Poland Spring, she is talking about the work we are doing, and the work our families say we are doing year after year.  It is true that camp does all of these wonderful things, whilst still finding time to go waterskiing, or play on the giant swing or making your new best friend a friendship bracelet.

    So thank you for trusting us with your most valuable of possessions and thank you for choosing Camp North Star, your continued loyalty means a great, great deal to us and we hope to see you this coming summer.

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