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  • Cookling with Frankie

    Posted July 11, 2013 by

    The enew cooking class has been a big hit this summer. After all, what camper doesn’t want to have extra food during the day and have fun making it? Duh.

    Frankie, the counselor leading the class is amazingly creative in coming up with interesting recipes and themes for each day’s feast. For example, outdoor cooking. Astronaut food. Lettuce wraps. Mmmmm.

    Beyond the recipes, campers are super-involved in the preparation, cooking and (obviously) eating of the food.

    Feedback from the campers has been really positive as well!

    It’s safe to say that adding a cooking class into the programs this summer was a phenomenal idea. Good job, everyone. Keep up the wonderful work!

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  • Welcome to session 2 everybody!!!!

    Posted July 10, 2013 by

    It’s been an exciting couple of days at North Star…let’s recap.

    Saturday: We (tearfully) said goodbye to some campers but (cheerfully) welcomed several more. Shout-out to the Boston-Logan counselor crew for successfully dropping off and picking up everyone who needed to be!

    Sunday: Even more campers arrived! It was overall a chaotic and exciting and overwhelming day.

    Monday: At last, we officially kicked off second session with Opening Campfire Monday night!

    I’ve seen plenty of opening campfires at North Star in my day and I must admit that this was the best I’ve ever seen. The talent has been described as unreal. Each act was followed by a well-deserved standing ovation and thunderous applause.

    We had a surprise guest during Amy’s speech (it was a snake. heh heh).

    I was moved almost to tears on multiple occasions (sometimes tears of laughter, thanks to Jake, Jesse, Noah, and David’s acoustic version of “Solja Boy.” lol).

    Needless to say, it was an appropriate way to begin session two (for those of you who don’t know, this is the largest session North Star has ever seen. Dinners are reaching new decibels and breaking all sorts of records as far as volume is concerned).

    Welcome to Session Two!!!!

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  • BEST WEEK EVER (so far)

    Posted July 5, 2013 by

    Here’s just a quick end-of-the-week update before we get to the sad goodbyes tomorrow (Saturday) and the beginning of the next session on Sunday.

    This has been an incredible week at camp.

    We started with Lip Sync and an historic Taco Tuesday…and it only went uphill from there.

    We welcomed back three camp legends Graham Richman, AP Aaron Philips, and Kelley Shine. Their arrivals were highly anticipated and celebrated camp-wide (most especially by Jake Rosenstein…)!!!

    Casino Night took place and our classy campers showed up to the Rec Hall in black-tie attire (typical). In true James Bond fashion, the night took a swift and dramatic turn. The casino shifted into a dance with DJ Jewels spinning some sweet beatz.

    Possibly the most important highlight of the week is the weather. At lunch on Wednesday as we sat on damp benches eating chicken fingers or PB&J or French fries or salad or all of the above (more common than you’d think, the enormous cloud above us moved aside and has not come back since.

    Apparently there’s no in between with the weather here in Poland because when it’s not rainy and frigid it’s sunny, humid, and HOT. hot. hot. All the same, the clear skies give us the opportunity to cool off on waterskis, paddleboards, and while playing water games. Water balloons became a (welcomed) threat when we played life-size Battleship on the volleyball court. A water bottle is not a suggestion but a requirement. The same goes for sunscreen.

    On the whole, this has been an amazing week for Camp North Star. As Sue would say, it’s “the way life should be.”

    And again, the bit you’ve all been waiting for…a haiku by Jesse.

    Here at Camp North Star
    we have to wear closed-toe shoes.
    Devin doesn’t though.

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  • Important update on what’s new here

    Posted July 3, 2013 by

    Today we’re going to talk about what’s new at camp this summer.

    1. Radio: Live from what used to be the Jam Factory (the Jam Factory is moved to old Singapore, Singapore is moved to the field house behind the soccer/football field) we have on the station 1640 am the CNS Radio Station! Chloe “J-Chlo” “Just Chloe” Ellison, one wonderful third of the counselors who live in Beijing cabin, teaches some excellent radio classes during the week. In these classes, campers choose music to play and discuss a wide variety of subjects…from current events to celebrity crushes to Pokémon. From time to time, camp meeting is hosted over the radio so the whole camp can enjoy camp songs, Animal of the Day, Good News, announcements, and more from the comfort of their own cabins.

    2. Cooking: With the update of the cantina into a working facility, our new British cooking teacher and parkour expert from Moscow cabin Frankie is leading cooking class! Campers are learning new cooking skills (i.e. how to cook outside) and recipes (yum).

    *Also: a shout-out to Tyler Gould—Congratulations to Tyler on celebrating his 50th Taco Tuesday yesterday!!

    *Let’s talk about Lip Sync:

    On the boys’ side the winners were Camelot cabin for a moving rendition of the Temptations’ “My Girl,” complete with audience participation.

    On the girls’ side the winners were Beijing cabin with their hilariously dramatic performance of “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

    We had some impressive talent up on stage Monday night. MOST IMPORTANTLY, however was the surprise visit we had from our favorite British boy band One Direction!!!!! (Definitely not played by our very own One Direction doppelgangers Jamie/Liam Payne, Harry/Niall Horan, Andy/Louis Tomlinson, Alex/Harry Styles, and Todd /Zayn Malik)

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  • Summer 2013 at North Star Begins…week 1

    Posted July 3, 2013 by

    Hello to parents and campers! After a (not-so) brief time, it’s about time to update the CNS Blog.

    This 2013 season, we’ll try to keep you up-to-date with weekly (sometimes more frequent) blog posts.

    We’ll include camper interviews, news on what’s been going on here, and maybe even some haikus (thank you Jesse Litvin).

    We have a lot to catch up on from the first week of camp…so we’ll start from the beginning. On Saturday our international campers began arriving from across the Atlantic and on Sunday we greeted our American campers at our top-rated summer camps in Maine.

    Campers poured out of buses and cars that pulled into camp at a safe 5 miles per hour, some nervous faces among them. As the day went on and the classic spaghetti-and-meatball welcome dinner was served, those apprehensive smiles began to blend in with all the excited ones.
    Soon enough, the opening campfire was extinguished and the entire camp began to fall into a first-rotation rhythm.

    With the first week of activities came a week of rain.

    Rain means rainy-day schedules.

    Water-ski is not an option when we’re on the rainy-day schedule. So other indoor classes like jewelry making, dance, and digital photography are the alternatives. When we asked campers how they felt about the rain (and not being able to do the activities they signed up for), the reaction was disappointed but pleased (with getting to try new classes). #trynewthings #camplife #cestlavie #maineweather #classic #expected

    The following Sunday, we celebrated our first day of Eco Challenge!!!

    The camp split into four teams (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water…not to mention the referee team clad in tie-dye made up of directors and various counselors). We were lucky enough to have a bright, sunny sky under which campers competed in relay races, luge (performed on the waterslide), and Frisbee-baseball among other amazing athletic and creative feats.

    And now, to sign off, a haiku from our very own Junior Counselor, Jesse Litvin.

    At the waterfront
    The water looks really cold
    I will stay dry, thanks.

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