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  • The Final Countdown

    Posted August 12, 2014 by

    Unfortunately, we have reached the final week of camp for summer 2014! While this week will surely fly by, we have some awesome last activities planned for campers at one of the premier sleepaway camps in Maine.

    Last night was Casino Night, and we all headed up the long Stairway to Heaven to Cliffside for an evening of games and fun!

    Today brings our last Taco Tuesday, but also a camp-wide game of Predator Prey tonight, where campers will become animals (hawks, minks, snakes, and mice) and compete to gather food, shelter, and water before being attacked by an animal higher on the food chain!

    Tomorrow night campers will get fancy for the dance, and Thursday we’ll be able to show off the Camp North Star-inspired songs that we’ve been working on all week long at our final Sing Out of the summer.

    Friday brings our final day of camp, which means Carnival Day! Campers will get to chill out and relax with friends before banquet and closing campfire that evening.

    Session 3 has been a stellar 3 weeks to round out the summer and, though campers and staff alike aren’t looking forward to packing up their things and saying see you later to CNS, we’ve definitely made summer 2014 one to remember.

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  • Lip Sync Round 2

    Posted August 8, 2014 by

    Though our weather here at CNS has continued to be intermittently rainy and gray, we have still had an awesome time this week at classes, spending time with friends, and soaking up the sun when we can!

    Tuesday night, campers got decked out in their best neon gear and donned their glow sticks for Glow-in-the-Dark night! We spent the evening on the Main Field, playing glow-in-the-dark ring toss, floor hockey, frisbee, Nuke’Em, and getting creative with glow-in-the-dark face paint and nail polish. We even wrapped up the night with a surprise pizza party from Sue at one of the best overnight summer camps in Maine!

    Wednesday was Life-Sized Board Games night, where campers got to act out their favorite board games in giant proportions! Break the Ice and Giant Checkers were among some of the fun games played that night.

    Last night was our second Lip Sync showdown of the summer, and the performances were especially awesome this time around! While we had campers dressed as everything from High School Musical stars to superheroes, our winners went to Las Vegas with their hilarious rendition of “Ghostbusters” and Dublin with their interpretation of “Maria (Nuns)” from the Sound of Music. As their prizes, each cabin got to choose a director to serve them this morning at breakfast, so Morgan and Phil acted as servants this morning to campers, which was rather amusing for everyone and made our morning a little funnier than usual.

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  • Swimming and Sea Dogs!

    Posted August 5, 2014 by

    The first weekend of session 3 was an eventful one for CNS campers! On Saturday, we held Camp North Star Day, where campers chose different mock reality TV shows to film. We had Wipe Out at the waterfront, Camp North Star’s Got Talent, Cake Boss, Real World – Camp Edition, and Survivor Dodgeball. After an busy Saturday, CNS headed into Portland on Sunday to go to a Sea Dogs game. Though campers enjoy the baseball, many think the best part of a Sea Dogs games is the food! Campers got to enjoy treats like pizza, fries, pretzels, soda, and ice cream.

    Yesterday we began our second week and campers started their new classes. Though we experienced a brief rainstorm midway through the day, we were able to stay on normal schedule and some water-skiers even got the cool experience of skiing in the rain! Fortunately, the weather cleared up and we got to spend the evening at the waterfront! As the sun set over the lake, campers got in some extra rides down the slide and time on the water trampoline. After a relaxing evening swimming and listening to music, we headed back to cabins to enjoy some down time and head to bed.

    Today is beautiful day — sunny and not too hot! We’re geared up for another excellent week — plus, it’s Taco Tuesday at one of the top sleep away camps in Maine!

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  • The Bus Ride Home

    Posted August 1, 2014 by

    By Beth Lester

    As a camper I refused to get to and from camp by any other means than the bus. Counselors, however, don’t have the opportunity to take a bus back and forth with all of their friends. This past weekend, at the end of the second session I took the bus southbound with another counselor, Frankie, and all of the campers headed home.

    The “see-you-later’s” started early for me. Last year, I had been directing cars as they came into camp, so I had been afforded the opportunity to say “see-you-later” to campers one-by-one throughout the day. This year, however, I was hugging crying campers and 4-week-counselors alongside the rest of the bus-riders at one of the premier sleep away camps in New England.

    The bus ride down was nothing like what I had expected: tears for hours. The tears were gone by the time we pulled away from camp onto Bishop Road. We had brought movies for the kids to watch if they wanted, but the DVD player wasn’t working. While the kids were initially disappointed, they soon realized that not having a movie to watch wasn’t the worst thing to happen. They started playing a word game called CONTACT! and trying to solve riddles.

    By the time we got to the Massachusetts stop in Newton, the kids were emotionally and mentally prepared to give their friends a last hug before going their separate ways for the winter. In all, the trip was significantly less dramatic than I had expected. I would love to take the trip again at the end of the summer. Meeting parents was so much fun, and one of my old camp friends came to the stop to pick up her sister.

    There is truly no comparison to the feeling on the bus as it pulls off the highway, something between excited anticipation and melancholy silence, but I wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything in the world.

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