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  • Highlights from Summer 2014 — Part 1

    Posted October 21, 2014 by

    By Beth Lester

    1)   When the GaGa pit turned into a swimming pool

    Remember when it rained so much that the GaGa pit turned into a swimming pool? It was great to see everyone let go and enjoy each other’s company. Even while we’re at camp we spend a lot of time having a set routine, and sometime deviating from that structure is a lot of fun! The smiles on everyone’s faces showed just how much fun everyone was having getting wet and muddy on an otherwise dreary day!

    2)   Surprise movie day, a la Robin Williams

    When the fifth and sixth week of sleepaway camps are rainy, it’s hard for everyone. People are getting tired and want a change of pace from the routine of the summer. What’s better, then, than an impromptu movie day? It was a great surprise to hear that afternoon classes were being cancelled and we were, instead, having a movie marathon! Watching Hook and Aladdin was a great way to pay tribute to Robin Williams while relaxing with friends!

    3)   Eco

    Eco Challenge never fails to disappoint, and it certainly didn’t this year! Our guests who were visiting on the second day, Kelley Shine and AP, both cried at the end of the Apache Relay, and everybody left the games with sore throats and dirty faces! It was great to see everybody supporting each other, despite being on different teams, and we loved getting to see how much energy the captains and their teams put into the songs and cheers! The love, respect, and camp spirit that we showed each other during Eco is the true magic behind summer camp!

    4)   Carando Meat

    At the Sea Dog’s game during the last three weeks of camp, we got a fun surprise! While we were in the park near the stadium before the game started, we ran into the Carando Meat guys! Free shirts and meat sticks for everyone! Frankie was especially enthused by the free food, and all of the counselors who were off that day were shocked to come back to campers and counselors eating peperoni and meat sticks at dinner!

    5)   Volunteering to sweep for extra cookies

    Who wouldn’t want more cookies for dessert? This summer it was a daily contest to see who would get to sweep in exchange for more dessert after dinner. The giant chocolate chip and sugar cookies were a universal camp favorite.


    Stay tuned for another 5 highlights in two weeks!

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  • Beards on Beards on Beards

    Posted October 7, 2014 by

    By Todd Mitchell

    Many people have heard of Movember, sometimes called no shave November. Many people are just aware of beards in general. Few people are aware of the beard growing experience that takes place at camp.

    You typically start off camp clean shaven because, as with most jobs you want to be presentable and make a good impression on your employers. You also don’t want parents to think that they are leaving their kids with grungy hippie-type counselors that seem to be a very distinct stereotype of summer camp.

    Frankie and Julian are both rocking the cleanly-shaven face!

    Frankie and Julian are both rocking the cleanly-shaven face!

    The next stage is the casual scruff phase. The parents are have dropped off their kids, the camp director could care less how much hair you have on your face, you have been here for weeks. You’re practically family by now. This is the stage where most counselors should stay: the point where you toe the line between professional baby face and a week beyond five o’clock shadow. It’s acceptable facial hair but for most it is not enough.

    Barry and Tom both sported some scruff through out the summer.

    Barry and Tom both sported some scruff through out the summer.

    The next and final stage is the full beard stage. You have now been at camp for multiple weeks by now. You don’t really care that you look like you should be a concert-goer at Woodstock or that you could be accepted as a hobo in most cities. It doesn’t matter. You have been growing the beard the entire summer; it is as much a part of you as your arms and legs. Growing a beard is a difficult process. You have to commit to it, through the rough stages when it looks like a patchy mess to the glorious day when everything has grown in and you look like a hippie mountain man – the point when you have grown a successful summer beard at camp.

    Morgan Theze, whose beard became legend, sports the full-on facial hair!

    Morgan Theze, whose beard became legend, sports the full-on facial hair!

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