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  • Camp Songs

    Posted November 18, 2014 by

    By Beth Lester

    1) The Moose Song – Ah, the Moose Song: a truly timeless Camp North Star classic! There’s not a week that goes by where we haven’t sung our favorite song about Fred the moose at camp meeting. It’s impossible to not love!

    2) “An Old Austrian” – A less known, but equally as loved song at Camp North Star, “An Old Austrian” is one of the longest, if not the longest of our camp songs. As the verses build on each other, the smiles and giggles build around the campfire ring, and everybody awaits the final “BANG!”

    3) “The Littlest Worm” – Everybody loves the song about the littlest worm! Who can resist singing a song about a worm on a drinking straw? The possibility of imminent disaster makes the song one of the most suspenseful ones that we sing! But don’t you fret and don’t you fear! Everything turns out just fine!

    4) “Bubble Gum” – Such a silly song! What even is a “lenny?!” And when would one buy just a collar?! Everybody has the Bazooka-zooka Bubble Gum dance down to a science and we love watching everybody do the silly hand motions!

    5) The Banana Song – The perfect song for when we all have a lot of energy! At our summer camps, we’re always looking for an excuse to “GO BANANAS, GO GO BANANAS! WHAT?!” and the banana song is perfect for just that!

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  • Highlights from the Summer — Part 2

    Posted November 6, 2014 by

    By Beth Lester

    Continued from two weeks ago, here are the rest of the top-10 highlights from this summer at one of the best summer camps in USA!

    1)   A Very Potter Musical

    Sarah Maserang hit the ball out of the park with this one! The whole cast was phenomenal, and the camp loved seeing them have so much fun! We shared a few hours worth of laughs and were all so proud of our friends for working so hard to get such a great show perfected and running smoothly. The singing, dancing, and acting all made us feel so lucky to know these great thespians! We don’t have enough great things to say about the show!

    2)   “Chill Night” for evening program

    When Sue told us that evening program was cancelled, and we were just going to hang out on the Maine Field instead, everyone was so excited! It was great to get a chance to sit back and relax on a warm summer evening, especially since were all so tired. There were pick-up games going on all over the field, and it was great to see campers, counselors, and staff from all areas and ages playing and laughing together. “Chill night” was such a great surprise, and it was definitely a necessary break from our usual routine!

    3)   When David cut his dread-locks

    Speaking of surprises! David’s change in hairstyle was exciting for all of us. Part of what was so special about David cutting his dread-locks was that it spoke to what camp is all about. Knowing that we were still going to love him, even without his long hair, gave David the courage to be so independent and courageous. This was a big change for him; he had had the same hairstyle since he was the same age as some of our campers. Seeing David being so independent and seeing him make such a huge change was inspiring for us all!

    4)   When Phil and Morgan were waiters

    …and then they started play-fighting in the dining hall?! In all my years at CNS, I definitely think this was the best Lip-Sync prize ever awarded! Nothing can beat seeing some of our great directors acting goofy and super-formal in the dining hall. Did you know that they had been betting each other on who would get picked? Which director would you want to be the waiter (or waitress) for a day?

    5)    Predator Prey

    We can thank Brooke for bringing us this great game! It was amazing to see campers of all ages working together to stay alive and to gather all of the food, water, and shelter that they needed to prosper! Playing this game together as a whole camp was a great way to come together as a community, burn off some energy, and have a great time. Predator Prey is sure to become a classic camp evening program! Thanks Brooke!

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