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    Here’s just a quick end-of-the-week update before we get to the sad goodbyes tomorrow (Saturday) and the beginning of the next session on Sunday.

    This has been an incredible week at camp.

    We started with Lip Sync and an historic Taco Tuesday…and it only went uphill from there.

    We welcomed back three camp legends Graham Richman, AP Aaron Philips, and Kelley Shine. Their arrivals were highly anticipated and celebrated camp-wide (most especially by Jake Rosenstein…)!!!

    Casino Night took place and our classy campers showed up to the Rec Hall in black-tie attire (typical). In true James Bond fashion, the night took a swift and dramatic turn. The casino shifted into a dance with DJ Jewels spinning some sweet beatz.

    Possibly the most important highlight of the week is the weather. At lunch on Wednesday as we sat on damp benches eating chicken fingers or PB&J or French fries or salad or all of the above (more common than you’d think, the enormous cloud above us moved aside and has not come back since.

    Apparently there’s no in between with the weather here in Poland because when it’s not rainy and frigid it’s sunny, humid, and HOT. hot. hot. All the same, the clear skies give us the opportunity to cool off on waterskis, paddleboards, and while playing water games. Water balloons became a (welcomed) threat when we played life-size Battleship on the volleyball court. A water bottle is not a suggestion but a requirement. The same goes for sunscreen.

    On the whole, this has been an amazing week for Camp North Star. As Sue would say, it’s “the way life should be.”

    And again, the bit you’ve all been waiting for…a haiku by Jesse.

    Here at Camp North Star
    we have to wear closed-toe shoes.
    Devin doesn’t though.

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