Camp North Star at Night

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    After dinner our campers return to their cabins, but their day is certainly not done. With a quick change of clothes and a few squirts of bug spray, they are off again to a nightly activity called Evening Program. Evening Program changes each night and activities range from whole camp scavenger hunts, dances, outdoor movie nights, and even trips to watch the Sea Dogs minor league baseball team. The beginning of each session focuses more on Evening Programs that build intentional relationships amongst different members of the camp community. Here’s a quick snapshot of the first several Session 3 Evening Programs.

    Welcome Show and Bunk Time: This year’s welcome show featured a movie that introduced each of our staff members. We think it is important for campers to immediately recognize each of the adults at camp. This ensures that campers know where to turn if anything comes up. After the welcome show, campers and staff headed back to their cabins to do cabin introductions, get to know you games, and go over the basics of camp.

    Opening Campfire: Jason, owner/director of North Star, really got things heated up with a story that culminated in the lighting of our first Session 3 campfire. Using some secret techniques, Jason magically ignited the fire with a rare and precious stick only found here on our property! When the stick was plunged into the piled up wood, it immediately generated a huge and powerful fire. Other acts followed and included skits, songs and a whole camp sing-a-long of Wagon Wheel.

    Division Night: Campers split into three groups, juniors, middies and seniors. This gives campers a chance to get to know other kids in their age group and do an activity of interest. This year, the juniors made a Star Wars video, the middies made cookies, and the seniors played Family Feud.

    Family Night: Starting with dinner, campers and staff split into families of 6-8 people. This family unit gives campers another opportunity to connect with other counselors and kids in the camp community that they might not otherwise bump into during the day. Last night, each family group challenged all the other family groups to some type of contest. These events included some “Minute to Win It” type challenges: move a graham cracker from forehead to mouth, keep three balloons afloat and blow a Ping-Pong ball across the stage.

    Once evening program is over, campers either return to their cabins to get ready for bed or have a few minutes of social time. Our oldest “Villagers” are allowed to gather around a small fire in the village and stay up the latest. Our seniors and middies on the line sometimes get their own quick chill-out time called “Grove Time.” Juniors usually get tucked in and settled with a bedtime story. By 10:30 the whole camp is asleep and dreaming of the next day!

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