From the eyes of a camp director

  • Posted August 9, 2011 by

    Session four opens at Camp North Star and although the weather has been a little bit up and down, in typical New England style it hasn’t dampened the spirits of anyone at camp.  Last night we had our traditional opening campfire in our traditional rainy day location of the Rec Hall – Check out CampMinder for some great photos as the kids arrived.  There were some awesome performances from Christie and Brooke, Gavin once again amazed us with some interpretative dancing to an awesome Rhianna soundtrack provided by David on vocals with Jake and Jesse on guitar.  But the star of the show was undoubtedly Hannah Beckerman’s original song she closed out the campfire with.  Not often do we have a standing ovation at a campfire but Hannah well and truly deserved it.

    Right now I’m sitting on the office porch watching canoes go past me for evening program, the girls basketball team is practicing on the court for a game coming up against Camp Kohut.  The bell is just about ring for Camp Meeting and Kelley Shine who is here for a week plans on getting Camp North Star to stand up for good news so that she can say thank you to everyone for making her feel so welcome back at camp.  Rumor has it she has already asked for a contract for 2012!

    Aside from that, it’s been a great start to session four, there are some fantastic evening programs lined up, battleship, escape to Atlantis, SeaDogs and much much more so I’m going to finish this blog post and go and help set up for Battleships!

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