Half-Way Point: Saying “See You Later”

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    Senior Village campers Brooke and Christie are today’s special guest reporters

    The H-Dock Illuminated

    At Camp North Star, some moments of friendship and togetherness are bittersweet. Two of our most treasured and cherished traditions are closing campfire and the goodbye line, where all campers say a farewell to one another regardless of how close they are as friends. Both events bring tears to the eyes of campers, counselors and even the directors, but the sorrow is only due to the love for camp we all share. Sue believes that saying “goodbye” to friends is inappropriate for the occasion because “goodbye” is forever. Here, the phrase “see you later” is a far better choice.

    Reflecting and releasing

    Closing campfire was a flurry of emotional acts. Several cabins performed songs that were near and dear to their hearts. The final act this year was “One Second,” a song that has been sung at closing campfire for over ten years. Former counselors Andy Verostek and Aaron Price wrote the song. The entire camp sung along while holding their candles.

    This year, the goodbye line was slightly altered in order to go past our scenic lake at camp after each cabin sent off a Chinese lantern into the water following a cabin reflection of the session. The Villagers—North Star’s oldest campers—led the way for the rest of camp, lighting the path with candles and smiles alike.

    Guest bloggers Christie and Brooke

    Though the first four weeks of camp are now finished, the feelings are not all sorrowful. Here in Poland Spring, the wonderful community of Camp North Star does not cry because it is over (much), but they smile because it happened.

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