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    Today we’re going to talk about what’s new at camp this summer.

    1. Radio: Live from what used to be the Jam Factory (the Jam Factory is moved to old Singapore, Singapore is moved to the field house behind the soccer/football field) we have on the station 1640 am the CNS Radio Station! Chloe “J-Chlo” “Just Chloe” Ellison, one wonderful third of the counselors who live in Beijing cabin, teaches some excellent radio classes during the week. In these classes, campers choose music to play and discuss a wide variety of subjects…from current events to celebrity crushes to Pokémon. From time to time, camp meeting is hosted over the radio so the whole camp can enjoy camp songs, Animal of the Day, Good News, announcements, and more from the comfort of their own cabins.

    2. Cooking: With the update of the cantina into a working facility, our new British cooking teacher and parkour expert from Moscow cabin Frankie is leading cooking class! Campers are learning new cooking skills (i.e. how to cook outside) and recipes (yum).

    *Also: a shout-out to Tyler Gould—Congratulations to Tyler on celebrating his 50th Taco Tuesday yesterday!!

    *Let’s talk about Lip Sync:

    On the boys’ side the winners were Camelot cabin for a moving rendition of the Temptations’ “My Girl,” complete with audience participation.

    On the girls’ side the winners were Beijing cabin with their hilariously dramatic performance of “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

    We had some impressive talent up on stage Monday night. MOST IMPORTANTLY, however was the surprise visit we had from our favorite British boy band One Direction!!!!! (Definitely not played by our very own One Direction doppelgangers Jamie/Liam Payne, Harry/Niall Horan, Andy/Louis Tomlinson, Alex/Harry Styles, and Todd /Zayn Malik)

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