Let’s Go Sea Dogs!

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    By Niamh Whelan

    I was excited when I found out I’d be working for the Sea Dogs’ trip. As an international counselor, I have never even been to a baseball let alone do I understand any of the rules. I was lucky though, not only did I get to go to my first baseball game, I got to go as a counselor.


    At breakfast on Sunday morning, they played ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’, and from that moment on I, along with all the campers, were giddy with excitement. As we piled onto the line of yellow school buses, the atmosphere was electric and the short drive to Portland felt like a year. When we arrived in Portland we took a pit stop lunch in the park by Hadlock Field before finally making the long awaited walk to the game.


    Once we were in our seats, we looked around at the seas of other camps which surrounded us. Campers from all over Maine had taken a trip to support the popular Boston Red Sox affiliate. We met people from other camps, and it was so interesting to watch the campers interact with each other. The inter-camp competitiveness soon began to creep out. Despite all camps cheering for the same team, there was clear competition between them, who could cheer the loudest, who could support the Sea Dogs the best.  When one camp would finish their cheer, another would start the next but the volume would be doubled. When cheering for Sea Dogs finished, the camp songs began and so on. One of the highlights of this camp competition was when on the big screen, all of the special groups or birthday parties got a shout out. Of course all of the camps present got a mention and the enormous cheer that erupted from the Camp North Star campers from the Maine sleep away camp was deafening.


    The whole day was a resounding success, from the sun splitting the stones, to the token fried dough that was enjoyed by everyone, to the group of campers I had on either side trying to explain the rules throughout all the innings. Unfortunately the Sea Dogs weren’t as successful, however Camp North Star had a truly awesome day!


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