Mega Shots!

  • Posted July 31, 2014 by

    The past couple days have been busy as campers run around and enjoy their classes and free time, making friends and soaking up the sunny Maine weather — aside from the occasional afternoon thunderstorm. Last night, though, campers got to experience one of the most fun and creative evening programs at CNS — Mega Shots!

    Mega Shots are basically a number of small evening activities run by different counselors that campers choose to sign up for. In the past, they’ve ranged from banana-themed adventures (banana boating followed by eating banana splits) to instructional lessons like How To Be British (taught by our international staff) to more mysterious choices like Super Secret Surprise (that ended in a trip to Dairy Queen for ice cream). Last night’s activities included:

    -Car Wash, where campers listened to music and washed cars (which basically just turned into a giant soapy water fight)

    -Color War, where campers were separated into teams and tried to splatter as much of their team’s color on another team’s flag (which, again, ended in a massive color fight)

    -British pub-style trivia

    -A jam session in the Jam Factory

    -Pirates v. Navy, a game played in canoes and kayaks where two teams try to “sink” each other’s boats by firing at them with tennis balls

    -Banner-making with a twist, where campers created a CNS banner but had a relay race to get the paint to the banner

    In the end, campers had an awesome time in all the activities, and we had a great night!

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