How to keep the camp spirit alive at Camp North Star

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    Camp North Star campers often tell us that they get more camp sick during the offseason than homesick during the camp season.  It’s because they are missing summer camp so much during the school year.   With Spring fever in the air, we know many of our campers are counting down the days until they are in Poland Spring, Maine, and driving down Verrill Road for the start of another memorable camp season.  Here are a few things you can do at home to get you into the camp mood.

    Send a Letter to a camp friend.  And we mean actual handwritten letter.  No texts.  No snap chats.  Grab a pen and paper and tell them what’s new with you and all the fun things you are looking forward to doing together this summer at Camp North Star.  Think of the smile on your friend’s face when they receiver your letter in the mail.

    Watch a camp video.  Go to our YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook pages and take a walk down memory lane.  Relive all those fun time at Eco Challenge, World Games, Lip Sync Contest and more.

    Enjoy your favorite camp meal.  If it’s Tuesday, ask your parents to have your own Taco Tuesday dinner.  See if you can have grilled cheese and tomato soup on Friday’s menu.  And the meal that can really put you into the camp spirit is a barbecue.  Just like the ones we have on Monday nights for dinner when we eat outside in the picnic area.

    Enjoy the great outdoors.  We know you probably don’t have a private lake or a picturesque 200 acre property with tall pine trees nearby.   But find a local park or nature area and go for a walk with family or friends.  Imagine yourself being back under the pines at North Star.  Remember the sunscreen, bug spray and a water bottle!

    Make s’mores.  What’s more synonymous with camp than s’mores?  If you don’t have access to an outdoor fire pit or a fireplace, try this recipe for indoor s’mores.  And before long, you’ll be back at one of our campfires, surrounded by camp friends, singing your favorite camp songs, and roasting two marshmallows to perfection.


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