Rain, Rain, Go Away

  • Posted July 17, 2014 by

    It’s been rainy since Tuesday here at CNS! On Wednesday we had another rainy day schedule, but campers still had fun playing sports in the field house, taking art classes in the bunk house, and spending some extra time in cabins relaxing during free time. Our evening program, Challenge Night, was held in the rec hall due to the weather, but campers had an awesome time competing to win challenges for their cabin! Some of the challenges included a spoon-on-the-nose balancing competition, loudest yell, a marshmallow eating contest, a balloon popping race, and the limbo. Montreal and Monte Carlo cabins were tied, but counselors Cameron and Barry had a rock-paper-scissors duel to determine the winner, and Monte Carlo came out on top!

    Luckily, we kept our fingers crossed for better weather, and today we’ve had a beautiful warm, sunny day! Waterfront and outdoor sports classes were back on, and campers have spent the day out enjoying the sun.

    Plus, everyone is SUPER excited for Eco Challenge this weekend! Captains were revealed at breakfast this morning (their surprise involved a choreographed Beyonce dance), and tonight new campers will found out which team they will be on! It will certainly be a fun and energetic weekend!

    Let the games begin!

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