Saving the World one Bandaid at a time… Should read one Klodike bar at a time

  • Posted July 14, 2011 by

    Having spent the last nine summers in Poland Spring Maine at Camp North Star there is one place that you would think everybody would hate to go because it conjures images of scraped knees, poison ivy and maybe even a runny nose or two.  However, when I think of our Health Centre I think of two hilarious nurses, great food, and some of the most caring people on camp.

    Being a rather hands-on person at camp I’ve definitely been to the Health Centre more than my fair share; burnt thumbs, cut fingers, the occasional poison ivy rash and much, much more.  But recently I’ve found myself going there more for the entertainment and mothering than any injury I’ve inflicted on myself.  At the moment, Nurse Susan and Nurse Gretchen are with us and will be for another two weeks.  An evening with them can be more entertaining than spending it at a stand up comedy show; both of them certainly bring a smile to a sad face or can turn an already happy face to an even bigger smile.

    Having spent last night in the Health Centre with a camper who was feeling a little bit homesick it made me realize that the Health Centre is everyone’s first port of call when something just doesn’t feel right.  Didn’t like the spaghetti and meat balls = a “sore” tummy and a Klondike bar.  Didn’t like fitness = a “blister” and a Gatorade.  Missing home = a Klondike bar, probably some Gatorade and definitely a hug and a tissue.

    What separates our nurses from nurses at an ER or a doctor’s office is that they are parents to their kids, and are even temporary parents to our campers.  They know exactly what our campers need: band-aids and ice-packs or maybe it’s just a 10 minute break in with the nurses who have air conditioning, and the un-limited supply of love, care and Klondike bars.

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