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    What is it about North Star that makes the public and our local community love us as much as our families?  Well for one, we take a great deal of pride in how we interact with the public, it’s one of those things that we have always done, and always done well.  Very well actually.

    Tonight is one of our biggest trips of the year and one that would make most camp directors shake.  In fact when we first told Sue five years ago that we took all of camp, into the public to go to a baseball game she was perplexed and I think she would be ok with me saying, thought we were all a little crazy up here in Maine.  But this is something that we do well.  It makes other nervous, however, I get excited because I know we will get compliments about how well behaved our kids will be.

    For us, a trip to SeaDogs is a military operation timed with precision and executed with flare; we have taken the saying, “leave no man behind” and put a North Star twist on it, “leave no man, OR TRASH behind”.  Yes, when we go to the SeaDogs we bring our own trash bags and collect it and pile it for the ball park staff.  It’s our way of teaching the R.I.C.H.S; be respectful, clean up after yourself.  We cheer the loudest, both for the baseball but also for our camp.  We bring a t-shirt to our usher Tom who looks after us every year.  We have thrown out the opening pitch at the game before, we have had the public, rather embarrassingly moved to accommodate us and our large needs.  And why do we get all of this special treatment?  Well simply put, manners cost nothing, but get you everything.

    On a side note, we found a great article here which is well worth reading about the struggles that a modern summer camp experiences throughout the year.

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