Survive Rain in Maine

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    Image Credit: Jon Shave via Flickr

    This morning at camp we heard an abrupt clap of thunder, and realized that the storm forecasted for today was possibly closer than we thought. The internet and phones were turned off, and computers were all shut down, as lightening and storms have presented problems in the past. But almost as quickly as the thunder rolled in, it rolled back on out.

    That’s Maine weather for you, and so I’ve decided to write a small guide to dealing with the unpredictability of summer weather here in Maine.


    1. Always have: bug spray, sunscreen, and an umbrella. You’ll quite likely use two out of the three on a daily basis.

    2. Don’t pack your jeans away: 66-degrees may seem summery, but when you walk outside to a cloudy sky and a brisk breeze, jeans somehow seem more fitting than shorts.

    3. Bring a bit of everything: it never hurts to carry around a wool sweater, even in the summer. The nights are buggy and cool, and wool wards off even the deepest of summer chills.

    4. Have a good book: whether it’s a blistering 90-degree day or a weekend of spontaneous downpours, you never know when you’ll want or need to be cooped up inside.

    5. Don’t always cancel: rain may seem like a cancel worthy catastrophe, but you may not always be able to reschedule. And who knows, maybe you’ll show up to hike and the rain will blow on by. Besides, who says you can’t hike in the rain?


    What are some of the ways you survive crazy Maine weather?

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