Swords, Jesters, and Jousting oh My!

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    “Hear ye, Hear ye! The Kingdom of North Star has proclaimed this thirty first day of July as Camelot Day!”

    The Camp North Star castle

    In the spirit of the medieval festival and all things royal, Camp North Star has transformed into a scene from King Arthur’s court. Overnight, our crew of soldiers erected a castle, a jousting arena, a banquet hall and a slew of medieval themed booths. Our head counselors, Nick and Michelle, have even transformed into the mighty Lancelot and fair Guinevere. King Arthur, who oddly resembles our program director, Dogzy, will preside over the day’s ceremonies.

    Palm Reading

    Campers have taken on their own roles as knights, jester, maidens, and ladies and gentleman of the court. The entire main field is covered with medieval booths and the royal community is happily trying their hands at archery (arrows through apples perhaps?), fortune telling, merlin hat and wand making, calligraphy and a daunting and exhausting Quest for the Excalibur Sword. As campers complete the various activities and challenges, they are earning tokens that can be traded in for prizes or a trip to the stocks for their counselors.

    Today’s festivities will conclude with a massive feast sans silverware!

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