Taco Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, and Spontaneous Storms

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    There has been a lot going on around camp the past couple of days!

    Tuesday was even hotter than Monday (if that’s possible), but campers were thrilled to see that their favorite lunchtime meal was back — Taco Tuesday! After spending another busy day running to and from classes and hanging out in the main field or the waterfront (the water slide and banana boat are officially open for business!), campers spent the evening at Division Night. Campers were split up into their three age groups — juniors, middies and seniors — and spent the night participating in a range of activities. While the juniors had a game of camp trivia, middies put on a fashion show with outfits created from recycled materials and seniors competed in a Jeopardy challenge. Senior boys cabin Berlin took home the win, and, as their prize, they are having Las Vegas cabin set their table and clean up after them at meals today.

    Wednesday brought the return of another classic CNS tradition: Wacky Wednesday! Campers and counselors went all out and showed up to breakfast in their wackiest, most mismatched attire. Because it was so hot out, extra lifeguards were stationed at the waterfront and many classes were held at the lake to help campers and counselors cool off. During free time, though, our waterfront fun was brought to an abrupt end as a huge thunderstorm rolled in and we were forced to close to the lake. Everyone rushed back to cabins to wait out the storm (which, thankfully, seemed to cool things off for a while!). Due to the rain, snack (chocolate chip cookies!) were brought out to cabins and camp meeting was held over the radio. However, the show must go on, and Counselor Lingo (CNS’s version of bingo) was held in the rec hall. Campers received a bingo board with counselor names on it, and counselors were called up to compete in challenges (push-up competitions, naming the most 50 states in 60 seconds, and a dance-off, to name a few). Campers crossed off the winning counselor’s name on their boards, and we had quite a few Lingo winners! After the game, Grove and Village time was held in the rec hall, which quickly turned into a dance party led by DJs Morgan and John Allen.

    While today is cloudy and the weather seems to be warming back up, everyone is excited for our JC Hunt tonight! Plus, the weekend should bring some fun Fourth of July festivities and our first off-camp trips of the summer this Sunday!

    Happy early 4th, everyone!

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