The Final Countdown

  • Posted August 12, 2014 by

    Unfortunately, we have reached the final week of camp for summer 2014! While this week will surely fly by, we have some awesome last activities planned for campers at one of the premier sleepaway camps in Maine.

    Last night was Casino Night, and we all headed up the long Stairway to Heaven to Cliffside for an evening of games and fun!

    Today brings our last Taco Tuesday, but also a camp-wide game of Predator Prey tonight, where campers will become animals (hawks, minks, snakes, and mice) and compete to gather food, shelter, and water before being attacked by an animal higher on the food chain!

    Tomorrow night campers will get fancy for the dance, and Thursday we’ll be able to show off the Camp North Star-inspired songs that we’ve been working on all week long at our final Sing Out of the summer.

    Friday brings our final day of camp, which means Carnival Day! Campers will get to chill out and relax with friends before banquet and closing campfire that evening.

    Session 3 has been a stellar 3 weeks to round out the summer and, though campers and staff alike aren’t looking forward to packing up their things and saying see you later to CNS, we’ve definitely made summer 2014 one to remember.

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