The Wednesday Warrior

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    Image: Valerie Everett via Flickr

    Today John Allen and Dogzy, two of camp’s directors, were kind enough to whip up a version of “The Wednesday Warrior.”

    This delightful little bit of reporting included:

    + A riddle

    + The weather forecast

    + The top headlines in the news (surprisingly enough, without the corresponding story, these headlines left the reader with many questions)

    + A daily dose of “How Ben Smith Continues to Impress Himself”

    Despite what John Allen and Dogzy may think if they read this, this blog is not a mockery, but a celebration! At camp, the real world can easily be forgotten. News goes unread, and the weather is simply acknowledged as it happens. Yes, most people here are equipped with a smart phone of sorts, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s easy for the days to blend and the news to feel like it’s happening in another world.

    Though this is a somewhat strange feeling, it’s something that we can embrace. The point of summer camp is to escape the realities and trivialities of the “real world.” At summer camp, school doesn’t matter. Your friends in another part of the world will just have to wait. Snail mail is a commonality.

    So though the daily news report can be a nice reality check, it’s also great to simply embrace the chirping birds and dirt roads of summer camp. There will always be time for the real world, but time at camp should be cherished, as it only comes once a year.

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