Unique Classes

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    By Niamh Whelan

    The list of activities offered at Camp North Star stretches from art classes to zipline, with anything and everything in between. We all love to cook with Frankie in the Cantina, learn guitar with Brooke in the Jam Factory, or chill out and paint with Nora in the Bunk House. But what we love even more here at CNS is learning new, sometimes unusual skills. Under the creative juices of the counselors, the vast array of classes becomes even more endless . Every year we add a few new classes to the list and soon they become an old camp classic, like quidditch brought by David Fox in 2012. This year we see even more new and exciting classes trickle into our schedules, Bollywood Dance and Sketch Comedy to name a few. These new classes add a certain vibrancy to camp that lends to the sensational atmosphere we experience on Verrill Road.

    This week, Cailley Lapara, Amos Armony and Jesse Litvin bring some excitement to the week with an exhilarating new sketch comedy class, casually known as Saturday Night Camp. The three counselors at our summer sleepaway camps have  long recognised the hilarity and creativity that we see everyday in all of our campers here at CNS and came up with this class to channel that talent!

    Based on the long running sketch show Saturday Night Live, the aim of this class is to teach campers the basics of comedy writing. They are given the opportunity to get a few sketches written, recorded and then uploaded to youtube channel every week. In this class, campers learn the different types of comedy sketches, from escalation comedy to insane versus sane man.

    This week I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of these classes, led by Amos and Cailley. The group, whose ages ranged from 8 to 13, were challenged by the adrenaline-racing, high-pace nature of improvisation. Starting with basic improv games and working up to full scale sketch creation was entertaining, all the campers got super creative and it was an awful lot of fun to watch unfold!

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