Unique Classes

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    By Beth Lester

    One of the aspects of camp that we at North Star focus on is that there are parts of camp that are unknown to the outside world. There are experiences at one of the top-rated summer camps for kids.

    Recently developed classes include fencing, world cuisine cooking, innovative sports, Muggle Quidditch, and the Hunger Games. Counselors spend hours, or even days, planning these classes. We make sure that they will run smoothly and be fun for the campers, but that they will also have an intentional aspect to them. We consider the 21st century skills that are involved in the class, and what campers will gain from being a part of the activity – whether that be physical skills, such as learning to fence, or social skills, such as working together to develop something as a group.

    Some of these experiences are fairly basic – going to the beach for a camper who lives inland, going to a baseball game, etc. Other experiences, however, are far from ordinary. Have you ever played Muggle Quidditch – a non-magical version of Harry Potter’s favorite game? Did you even know that existed? Or have you ever invented your own sports with a group of friends? These are two experiences that are offered through some of our counselor-created classes. that one just cannot, or is unlikely to, have while at home. While some of these experiences are social or developmental (i.e. being in a place where your parents are not there to care for you), some are physical experiences.

    Every year new counselors come to camp, and with them bring new skills and ideas. We can’t wait to see what interesting, different classes will come around next summer! What would you like to see?

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