Week 1

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    The campers are here! The campers are here!

    It has been an exciting week at camp. The first few campers started trickling in on Saturday, and by Sunday evening camp was in full swing. The session started with Bunk Night. Bunk Night was a way for campers to bond with their cabin. There were team building activities, card games, even a bout of Dungeons and Dragons, all for the purpose of breaking the ice and forming a family within the cabin.

    The excitement was palpable as campers began their first week of classes and evening programs at our sleepaway camps in New England. Some classes of note this were: rocks and ropes course, canoeing and kayaking, water skiing, even nature art found its way into the schedule. North Star was teeming with campers going this way and that to get to classes and, based on the smiles on their faces, they are already having a great time.

    Evening programs started with opening campfire. Opening campfire was a time where campers, counselors – even directors – showcased their talents. There was everything from theatrical skits to musical performances.

    The next evening program was Color Night. Color Night was a huge mix of activities all involving, you guessed it, color. There was body painting, archery with paint balloons on the target, a music video involving paint splatter, and a bunch of other activities that got campers in tune with color, art and, of course, getting messy.

    The following night was Division Night, which was a host of different activities split up by age group. Village Campers played a competitive game of House of Cards Dodgeball (this involves the normal dodgeball rules but in order to end the game, a house of cards must be built amidst the chaos). Seniors played a host of fields games, many of which were created by counselors. Middies and Juniors met in the Dining Hall for a game of Castle Wars. In Castle Wars campers construct castles out of cardboard that would withstand an onslaught of dodgeballs from the opposing castle.

    Thursday night was Counselor hunt. Counselors from each cabin were given locations around camp to hide while their co-counselors and cabins searched high and low for them. There was a twist though, running around were “bandits” with water guns were trying to soak campers. If a member of a cabin was hit, the entire cabin had to go back to the basket ball court before they could continue searching. Stockholm cabin came out as the most successful seekers and will receive one extra dessert from the directors as their reward for finding all the counselors.

    Friday night was Fireworks! We all went to Poland Spring Resort and watched one of Maines best fireworks shows. Kids started their evening with laid back activities including frisbee, football, cards and Ladder Ball and as the sun set we got settled

    This past weekend, campers enjoyed participating in some good ol’ historical fun on Colonial Day and wrapped up the week with a trip day  relaxing down the Androscoggin River on tubes or a hiking up Grafton Notch followed by some fun at beautiful Step Falls. This week we are looking foreword to new and exciting activities as we head towards the end of session 1!




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