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    Soccer at Camp North Star

    Growing up in rural Maine, I attended a small high school. My graduating class of 67 students was a normal size, and the overall population of the school was under 300 students. Though this created a tight-knit community of “everyone knows everyone”, it also presented problems: little range of classes, dwindling extra-curricular activities, and hardly any perspective of a “well rounded” education. If any budgets were to be cut or any programs were to be discontinued, they were always the ones that fleshed out the standard education. The arts (whether music, fine arts or theater) and sports were always the programs to suffer.

    This seems to be a common theme throughout the US in that the main emphasis is on science, math, and reading. In many schools, there is a budget to equally support the arts and sports, and that is fantastic. However, there are still many struggling districts scattered across the US where the means just do not exist to support each program equally. Fortunately, though, what’s being cut from schools is what you’ll find an abundance of at summer camps.

    At camp you’ll find every sport imaginable. Team-building activities and arts programs aren’t underfunded, and each activity is equally supported and embraced. This is one of the defining differences about camp. Also, though children may only have time for either lacrosse or band while in school, at camp they are encouraged to try as many activities as they want. Where a child goes to school may be limiting to their opportunities. However, at camp, children from all different educational backgrounds are given equal chance to succeed in a multitude of programs.

    Getting artsy at Camp North Star

    Camp was not started to fill in the gaps of the education system, but that is the role it has adopted. Sending a child to summer camp isn’t just a way to fill up their summer, it’s a way to open them up to possibilities they may not otherwise have. Discovering things like video production, theatre, cricket, or cooking are every day possibilities at camp, whereas not every junior high school can or does offer such programming. What opportunities have been the most beneficial in the case of your child?

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